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Places-3T is an Erasmus+ project aimed at promoting and accompanying the development of “3rd Type Places” in Europe.

Rapidly evolving economic and social structures and conditions lead to imagine new places where people are able to work, learn, create value, in eco-systems that are more compatible with their own flourishing, happiness, well-being and with the preservation of our planet. 3rd Type Places are typically places that enable, foster, sustain such initiatives. Such places already exist, other are in project. They may take a large variety of size, form, status, etc. They gather different types of actors, with different kind of objectives, and different way of functioning.

The PLACES-3T project

What is happening in working situations is more and more a complex mix of knowledge, know-hows, attitudes, behaviours, emotions, cultural components and technical job skills.
Some, for many diverse reasons, have greater difficulties. It may come from a discrepancy due to language, education, culture, competences, or to a drastic change of context (e.g. migration).
Beyond institutional systems, Education, Enterprise, actors of inclusion and guidance, plenty of experiments have evidence both the desire and the possibility to develop places that enable people to find themselves and meet with others, to define their own journeys, their own values, together with others, though cooperation, co-creation, co-learning.
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What are “PLACES-3T” Places?

Remarkable, anchored in their context, their territorial environment, and their cultural history; but also opened to radical innovations.
They tend to enable and support people in developing new ways of learning; expressing desires, wishes, envies to modify sustainably the relation with the future of work; sustaining visions that are more optimistic, more inclusive, more egalitarian, non-discriminating; and to imagine and create the ways to start this journey.
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What does the project produce

Reflecting upon, studying, valorising, sustaining, …collaborative “laces-3T places that enable social, cultural and entrepreneurial innovation through support spaces, outside of institutional structures.
imagining business models applicable to such places.
Compiling and defining the key elements that support these implementations with reasonable chances of success.
Putting in place models, processes, tools to accompany the creators of PLACES-3T places
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