PLACES-3T places

They are remarkable, anchored in their context, their territorial environment, and their cultural history; but also opened to radical innovations, willing to change the rules, to open new routes. At the start of the place, there is an envy, a feeling that it is possible to do something new for oneself and with the others.

They tend to enable and support people in developing new ways of learning, creating, making value, taking into account new criterion of “success”: trust – in yourself, in others, in the future-; respect –of people, resources and the planet-; valorisation of abilities – prior ones and those developed in the cooperation and collaboration ; valorisation of positive and flip thinking, etc.

They enable to express desires, wishes, envies to modify sustainably the relation with the future of work, sustain visions, that are more optimistic, more inclusive, more egalitarian, non-discriminating; and to imagine and create the ways to start this journey.

What is innovative, is the way they have to create themselves and to function, the relations between the people, the mixing between concerns; no separation between work, learning, creation, individual and collective, method and content, etc., but a permanent complementarity; the way they enable to identify, design and promote other ways towards knowledge, other kinds of productive work, other social and societal relations.

Creativity is a central element, with the presence of creative cultural actors, artists and also by sustaining the creativity of the persons at large in the way they build their journey, their development, their project.

They are places for creating economic value; they may end in the creation of professional activities, activity that will give opportunities of work to other actors; not only self-employment, but rather collective forms of organisations, cooperatives, social economy, or others forms still to be invented.

Find out some of the places which participated in the Places-3T project :

LaVallée – Brussels, Belgium

Community of artists and entrepreneurs – events

Manu Village – Vénissieux, France

Social and professionnal inclusion

Area 071 – Leiden, the Netherlands

Entrepreneurial community

FABLAB in Eivissa – Balearic Islands

Student entrepreneurs – Multidisciplinary and technological learning space

Hope in Us – digital third-place

Arts – Community of cultural actors