The project

The project Places-3T – 3rd type places for Collaborative Creative Learning and Entrepreneurship – is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, has started in September 2020 and runs until August 2023.

Out of Institutional systems, various experiments have evidenced the desire and the possibility to develop spaces and places that enable people to find themselves, create their own journey, though cooperation, co-creation, co-learning.
The PLACES-3T Spaces are special, anchored in their territorial, social, cultural context. They support people in developing new ways of learning, creating value, based on new success criteria: trust building – trust in yourself, in others, in the future; respect of the persons and of the planet; valorisation of abilities acquired previously, and developed in cooperation and collaboration; value of the creative thinking

The project involves as full actors of PLACES-3T:

  1. people questioning their trajectories, young people with difficult contexts, adults looking or a reorientation of their career, or who are looking for different ways of working;
  2. people whose job it is to accompany the former ones, and who would like to have a kind of action more participative, more innovative;
  3. people concerned with inscribing their journey in a system of values that aims at more social justice, more respect for the planet, more respect to the persons and their diversity;
  4. people who desire to deploy their potential in creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, to create innovative business models and structures;
  5. institutional actors and decision makers, in economy and politics, to help the PLACES-3T Spaces flourishing, to house them, to nurture them, to make them sustainable.