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Founded in 2002 by the Belgian economist Denis Stokkink, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS is an independent European think & do tank committed to promoting solidarity and sustainability in Europe.
In its annual activity report, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS presents its publications, events, projects and counselling activities of all the five thematic areas in the past year.
The PLS team is made up of members with multicultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds and works in the public space alongside socioeconomic actors.

Dutch Foundation of Innovation – Welfare2Work

Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work

DFW2W counts on a team which is highly qualified in the preparation and management of Dutch and European projects, moving with ease on a national and international setting. We have been acting in the field of international mobility as Initiator, Lead-Partner, Coordinator Hosting Partner (HO-PA), Coordinator – Sending Partner (SE-PA) and Intermediary Partner (INT-PA) within more than 25 Mobility/Exchange projects (IDELE, Leonardo da Vinci, ERASMUS plus KA01/KA02/KA03, ESF, IdA – Integration through exchange etc) since 2006. We would be very pleased to provide support and to reinforce our cooperation, guaranteeing the quality and the success of your knowledge and mobility projects. 

Centro di Solidarietà di Reggio Emilia Onlus

Centro di Solidarietà di Reggio Emilia Onlus is an Itaian NGO founded in 1982, it started as a rehabilitation centers for addicted persons and now it is caring of people with several needs, focusing on personal resources and community empowerment.
It is partner of the youth policy office of Emilia-Romagna Region with the role of providing methodological and technical support for the coordination of networks, the development of projects and the training of youth workers.


The Forum of European Regions for Research, Education and Training (FREREF[2]), is a non-profit international association (AISBL) founded in 1991 at the initiative of Catalonia, Lombardy and Rhône-Alpes, quickly joined by Baden-Württemberg, the French community of Wallonia-Brussels, Genova canton, Luxembourg and the Baleares region. FREREF is acting to put Lifelong Learning into practice and into politics and is aimed to be the instrument of European Regions in the field of education and training to set up a platform for dialogue and cooperation. FREREF is currently providing support for about 20 European regions in their initiatives for Lifelong Learning.