Digital toolbox for places

This list contains several useful open source software. When you manage a Third Place you need an affordable solution to cover your actors’ needs and to provide high tech solutions.

Open source software is for free and it doesn’t require expensive licences, what you choose today will be available in the future with improved features, updated tools and costless support from the community.


Apache: web server

Audacity: audio editing

BigBlueButton: Open Source Virtual Classroom Software

Gimp: image manipulation and editing of pictures

Inkscape: vectorial graphics

Joomla: CMS for developing complete websites

Kdenlive: video editing

Libre Office: complete office automation suite with a visual database management software, a wordprocessor, a spreadsheet, a flowchart and graphic editor, a software for producing presentations and a formula editor.

Linux: our beloved operative system

Limesurvey: online questionnaire management system

Moodle: our favourite learning platform

MySQL, MariaDB: database management

OBS Studio: Video broadcasting and recording

OpenDocMan: document workflow management system

OScommerce: platform fo e-commerce

PHP: scripting language for web app

PostgreSQL: database management

Putty: when we are using another operative system, we are faraway of our linux boxes and we miss them, this is the tool we use to keep in contact. In other words is a SSH client for WindowsTM

R: software environment for statistical computing and graphic

SuiteCRM: Customer relationship management system

Scribus: desktop publishing

Tomcat: a Java servlet container

Ubuntu: Linux distribution for desktop computers

WordPress: CMS for blogs and webistes

Learning outcomes / audience

Learn to manage your ICT needs in an affordable way;
Improve the quality of your digital assets;
Give to people attending your activities important digital skills.

Actors and managers in Places


CEIS Reggio – Andrea Ascar

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Market @ Places3T

The P3T market place is a free e-commerce website based on an open source software and hosted on the partnership server.



Learning outcomes / audience

With a tutorial actors are able to open their showcase on the common e-commerce platform


Andrea Ascari, Giulia Notari

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